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Psychotherapy  in Brighton and Hove

Why Psychotherapy?

Often what motivates a person to begin psychotherapy is a stirring dissatisfaction with life, where past patterns no longer make sense or where suffering outweighs contentment by too big a margin. Having the courage to be proactive in combating the problems that we encounter, enhances our chances of achieving a happier and more fulfilled life.

Psychotherapy has the capacity to bring hope into everyday life by strengthening the belief in a better, more positive future.

Why me?

I believe we have within ourselves all the necessary resources and knowledge to live a full and meaningful life. Psychotherapy can provide the necessary conditions to re-establish that potential. My work is firmly grounded in the Humanistic tradition of believing that you are the expert of your own lived experience. My role is to enquire, respectfully challenge and understand that perspective, which in turn can help to unearth your inner knowledge and empower you in your everyday life.

The therapeutic relationship offers an exploratory safe space where you are free to express yourself in a focused, supportive and nurturing environment. It is different from any other relationship you may be involved in, such as family members, friends, work colleagues or partners. To be accepted without precondition or expectation is a rare and remarkable kind of relationship.

Why now?

Pivotal moments in the therapy room, which equate to life never being quite the same again, happen because we cannot undo what we discover about ourselves, and this increased understanding of ourselves means that we can begin to consider the possibility of emotional growth and healing.

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